Illam Nira is a special ritual being observed in the Malayalam Calendar month of Karkatakam. This function is generally conducted on an auspicious date and time (Muhurtham) after the new moon (Amavasi) in the above month when the farmers pluck the self cultivated paddy and perform Lakshmi Poojain temples to propitiate the God for their well being and future prosperity.

In Peruvanam Shree Mahadeva Temple, the responsibility for organizing the Illam Nira is entrusted to Travancore Devaswom Board who are also conducting the daily Uchha Pooja.

After fixing the date and time, the representative of Travancore Devaswom Board brings the required bundles of paddy and keeps the same at the Northern Gopuram (gate).  From there, the paddy are taken by the Moothath (employee of the Devaswom Board) and keep the same in the Uruli filled with rice and tied with the creepers of Uzhinja by him accompanied by Kuthuvilakku, percussion instruments such as conch (sankhu), Idakka, round brass plate (chengala) etc. alongwith the devotees and move along the pradikshina vazhi clockwise and enter the Courtyard (nalambalam) through the western nada of Irattayappan to keep the same in the Namaskara Mandapam.  Then the temple Thantri purifies the paddy by applying the holy water (theertham).  Subsequently the leaves of selected trees such as Arayal, Peral, Athi, Ithi, Illi, and Nelli are added and the Lakshmi Pooja is performed for the prosperity of all.  Later on the paddy from the above bunch are taken out and offered to all the deities of the temple and then distribute the same to all the devotees present on the occasion which they will paste with cow dung and leaf of Banyan (Pipal) Tree at the entrance of their houses.

POOTHARI POOJA (New Rice Offering)

During this pooja, the special preparation made of ten leaves, tender mango pickle, appam, ada alongwith the poothari payasamare offered with the Uchha Pooja.  After the Uchha Pooja, Shree Bhootha Bali (special pooja) will also be performed.