Deepawali is festival of lights and happiness. It is also signifies the victory of truth.

One of the legend has it that, there was Asura King Narakan who was very cruel in nature.   He had jailed thousands of innocent ladies.  He had done difficulty to humanity.  Devarajan (Indran), the King of Gods had complained about the cruelty ofNarakasuran to Lord Sri Krishna. Satyabhama, the wife of Sri Krishna had also told to Sri Krishna to kill this Devil.   Thereafter Sri Krishna had killed Narakasuran and he released the beautiful ladies from the jail.   On reaching Dwaraka, (Kingdom of Sri Krishna), He had taken bath after applying oil all over his body to overcome of the tiredness of the war between him andNarakasuran and then had fruits and sweets served by his wives. To celebrate this victory from the ill-treatment of KingNarakasuran, the people had lightened the lamps all over.  To remember this, the people are now celebrating this day as Deepawali all over the country. During those times people celebrated the festival by taking oil bath and wearing new clothes. These days, people celebrate Deepawali with fireworks in front of the house and distributing clothes, fruits and sweets to friends and relatives.

Another legend has it that, the people of Ayodhya lighted the entire kingdom with light to celebrate and welcome their beloved King, Sri Raman, His wife Seeta & His brother Lakshmanan. Raman was the eldest of 4 sons of King Dashrathan and heir to the throne. Dashrathan’s one of his three wives Kaikai wanted her son Bharathan to be the king and hence got Raman to undergo an exile for 14 years in forest. Seeta and Lakshmanan accompanied him to the exile. During the exile, Seeta was kidnapped by Ravanan (Asuran, the King of Lanka) and put her as captive in Ashoka Vatika. Raman accompanied by Lakshmanan, Hanuman and an army of Vanaras (Monkeys) fought against the devils and deamons of Ravana and defeated him and released Seeta. This was also the end of their exile and when Sri Raman accompanied by Seeta and Lakshmanan reached Ayodhya, they welcomed with great pompous.

To celebrate the festival, on the night of Deepawali, the entire temple will be lighted up with oil lamps.

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