Pradosha Vratham is believed to be one of the most important and most liked penances by Lord Siva for observance by His Devotees.  The observance of the above Vratham in accordance with the laid down scriptures will bring to the spiritual man fame, destruction of  enemies, blessing with child, cure from diseases, longevity of life, cure from all sins, etc.

It is believed that Lord Siva and His consort Sree Parvathy are very much pleased on the occasion of Pradosham and praying them at this time is most suited and ideal for benevolence.  Pradosham generally falls on Thrayodasi day after every full moon/ new moon.  On the occasion of Pradosham, Lord Siva gets Sree Parvathy seated on a carved seat and starts dancing to please her.  At this time, all the Gods and Goddesses assemble there to praise Siva, witness the holy dance and pray to Him. Due to this, the Sivaradhana at this time is most important.

The observance of the following Pradoshams are believed to be most auspicious.

Pradosham falling on Krishna Paksha and Saturday

Pradosham falling on Monday (Soma Pradosham)

It is most ideal and beneficial to observe the Pradoshams for those persons who are passing through the Adithya Dassa.

The observance of the Pradosham by devotees includes taking bath in the early hours, applying holy ash (Bhasmam) all over the body, wearing white and simple cloth, praying in the Siva temple and fasting all through the day.  They have to chant thepanchakshara namam ‘Om Nama Sivaya’.  Again bath in the evening and praying to Lord Siva.  It is auspicious and ideal to pray the God with leaves of Koovalam Tree and garlands made of the same.  Afterwards, the devotees have to offer Dakshina (offering of money with betel leaves, etc.) to the priest before breaking the fast.

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