This deity, along with dakshiNaamoorti, shares the same Praasaadam with Irattayappan to His south side.

He is, of course, considered to be the deity who removes all obstacles (vighneswara) and is the son of Siva and paarvati. This Ganapathy has His trunk twisted left indicating Him in the mood of granting worldly riches.  The meaning of this term and of gaNanaayaka is that He is the commander of Lord Siva’s forces.


"eka dantam mahaakaayam tapta kaancana sannibham

lambodaram viSaalaaksham vandeham gaNa naayakam"

Ganapathy Sloka


I pray to (vande+ aham) to one who has a single tusk (eka dantam), has a huge body (mahaa kaayam), who shines like heated gold (tapta kaancana sannibham), who has a long tummy (lamba+udaram), has wide eyes (viSaala +aksham) and who is the leader of Siva’s forces.