This deity is also a Siva on a high platform (hence the name), on a three layer sanctum sanctorum (tritala praasaadam). It is said that the village of Peruvanam derived its name from sage Puru who did long years of meditation in the deep forest around.

Legend has it that he the Sivalingam he was worshipping got stuck on the branch of a banyan tree and a huge Sivalingam was installed on top of that at the shrine of Matathilappan. The verse of prayer to the deity is the same as for Irattayappan.

The Vandana Slokam (Prayer):

Sivam Sivakaram Saantam Sivaalmaanam Sivottamam (capital S for the first of the three Sa, sha and sa) Sivamaarga praNetaaram praNatosmi sadaaSivam   (capital N for na in the third group- Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na and small n in the fourth – ta,tha,da,dha,na)

Madathil Appan


Siva means the embodiment of goodness or welfare. I pray to (praNatosmi) Siva, who converts everything to goodness (Sivakaram), is the embodiment of peace (Saantam), is the soul of goodness (Sivaalmaanam),   the best among those who create welfare (Sivottamam), leads one through the right path (Siva maarga praNetaaram) and who is always the doer of good (sadaaSivam)