Sreeparvathy is, of course, the consort of Siva and shares the same Praasaadam with Irattayappan at His back. She is considered to be the goddess who blesses devotees with a happy marriage.

The following prayer gives four other epithets of Parvaty as Siva, Triambaka, gowri and naaraayaNi. The first two are because of being the wife of lord Siva. Gowri is because of her fair complexion. There is a legend linking Parvaty to the sister of Narayana.  Hence, the third epithet.  Triambaka means one with three eyes which applies to Siva and parvatyas well. Sreeparvaty is the third most important deity at the temple, after Irattayappan and MaaTattilappan


“sarva mangala mangalye Sive sarvaartha saadhake

SaraNye triambake gowri naaraayaNi namostu te”



I bow to (namostu) you (te), who bestows all the auspiciousness (like happy marriage) (sarva mangala mangalye), is the wife of Siva (Sive), who makes all the wishes of the devotee come true (sarvaartha saadhake),who is worthy of devotion or submission(Saranye), is the wife of Triambaka (triambake), is fair in complexion (gowri) and is the sister of naaraayaNa (naaraayaNi).